TX 1800

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Introducing the TX-1800 Electirc Motorcycle - The Real Urban Excitement !
Get ready to revolutionize your ride with the TX1800, a game-changer in the world of electric motorcycles. Here are the highlights of this futuristic two-wheeler:

Urban Streamline Design: Stylish and aerodynamic desgin, effectively reducing wind resisntance and delivering high performance.
Fun to Drive: Designed for a dual-mode riding position (footrests) for a more comfortable or aggressive riding style, it excels in dampening vibrations and agile maneuvering.
Hydraulic Hinged Seats: The hydraulic mechanism on the seat hinge makes it more practical and comfortable.
Smart SafeTech: TX-1800 is equipped with advanced technology. Integrated controller, security sensors, and features in the U-Key application to monitor the vehicle's position.
Easy Charging: Say goodbye to range anxiety! The TX1800 offers direct charging, with a minimum power requirement of just 1300 watts. You can also opt for alternative charging methods to suit your convenience.
Long-Lasting Battery: In a fuly charged condition, the TX-1800 battery covers long distance more comfortably. With an additional spare battery in the trucnk, the range is extended.

Join the electric motorcycle revolution with the TX1800. Your future is now! Get ready to own the streets with style and eco-conscious power.

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